Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Looking for an ideal massage therapy to energize your body? If yes, you’ve landed in the right place to get specialized Thai massage and experience health benefits in life. Our massage therapists are experienced and expert in delivering customized massages to clients as per their demands and requirements. The center has an artistic setup delivering an ambient environment for serious massages to promote a complete wellbeing in life.

Thai massage is a 2,500 years old Ayurvedic therapy developed and practiced by Buddha’s personal doctor, Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha. The massage stretches your body with yoga poses focusing on the energy points called “sen” in the Thai language. Apart from that, therapists use techniques like stretching in myofascial tissue, acupressure, and manipulation of soft tissue.

The massage is helpful in releasing the muscular tension of the body. It is done by pressing knuckles, feet, hand, thumbs, and fingers at energy points, by thai massage, people will get relieve from stress and tension acquired in the daily chores or official works.

The thai massage is a proven way to improve blood circulation in the body. Blood flow slows down while in the yoga poses, but it increases circulation to the heart upon release. Popular massage positions like plough, shoulder, stand, and spinal twists aid in blood circulation and digestion. Other health benefits of this massage include a boost in immunity system, maintain mental health, longevity, and deep relaxation on the body.

Embedding Thai massage therapy in lifestyle helps to improve your quality of life avoiding diseases. Though thai massage is a bit painful but one can feel better relaxation after a session. Book your massage session with our therapists in the center now.