Types of Body Massage Available

Spa and body massage services available at affordable prices for all men and women.

Thai Aroma Massage:

Enjoy the healing benefits of aromatic oils of herbs, plants, and flower while taking Thai Aroma Massages and decrease in anxiety and boost your immunity system to fight diseases. This massage is concentrated on easing stress, realigning the mind, emotional and physical illness. It is an important form of aromatherapy used for better massage blending oils with lotions.  It will increase your energy level and add vigor to the body. Book your massage session with our therapists today. The ultimate purpose is to relax, restore and enhance muscle….Read more

Classic Thai Massage:

Enjoy the ultimate renewal therapy with the fusion of Thai and Indonesian traditional massage. This unique massage starts with a rhythmic Thai. Classic Thai Massage is a dry massage technique performed with yoga poses. It is effective as a painkiller in relieving the pain of shoulder, back, legs, etc….Read more

Javanese Massage:

This is the perfect treatment to relieve deep seated tension and muscular stress.  The Javanese massage is highly helpful to stimulate blood circulation and releasing the chronic pain and aches on the body that is caused due to stressful works at the office…..Read more

Thai Massage:

Awake you senses with this revitalizing massage which involved rhythmic stretching working to case muscles and joint pain using herb balm. This massage helps to increase flexibility, muscle tension and balance of the body energy system……Read more

Synchronized Massage:

A synchronized massage is a Swedish form of therapeutic massage offered by two therapists to an individual. Synchronized massage is popular as a four handed massage. The two therapist offer massage in synchronization to have the same effect of two full body massages…..Read more

Foot Reflexology Massage:

Relax and rejuvenate your fired feet with this great energizing foot massage. Foot reflexology is an ancient healing method developed on the principle that reflex points of foot connect with various glands and organs of the body.  Foot reflexology massage usually improve energy, cure cold, improves your blood and lymph circulation, start actions of internal organs, chronic headache, and skin allergies…..Read more

Balinese Massage:

Balinese massage techniques are gentle and aim to make you feel and calm throughout. This treatment is combination of gentle pain, thumb and fingers stocks with Aroma therapy oils to stimulate the flow of blood oxygen and energy around body and brings deep relaxation…..Read more